Private Roasting Experience


People often ask what it takes to roast a good quality coffee. Many might shy away from this question, but we LOVE this question. Our very own Coffee Roaster Eddie is excited to share with you a Complete Roasting Experience. We offer a wide range of roast times and will arrange your Experience at a time that is most convenient to you (within business hours).

Each purchased experience is for one person. We will call you to book the day & time you’d like to come, please include your phone number when checking out.

Each session runs for 2 hours.



The Grind’s in house roaster Eddie Woods has been brewing and roasting coffee for over 10 years and he wants to teach others to learn to roast too! He’s traveled the world to learn roasting techniques and about different coffees from the regions with the experts all so he can bring the flavors of the world to your cup.

The private roasting experiences are located at The Grind on south main street in Saint Albans, Vermont.  Each private roasting experience is one-on-one so you’re lesson is inclusive and enjoyable where you learn to roast coffee. The Roasters in each experience will taste each of his coffee from multiple growing regions from around the world. Each region has a different roast profiles giving each coffee it’s unique taste, aroma, and appearance due to the climate, soil, process, and techniques used to grow, harvest, and capture the coffee beans before sending them around the world. Learn more about where coffee grows.

Once you’ve had an opportunity to taste each coffee the Roaster will choose the bean that they would like to roast, this can be based on experience, what you most liked during the tasting, or, if you like to experiment, just choosing what you think will be your favorite. Next we’ll heat up the roaster and learn how to roast coffee! We’ll learn about roast profile and how each type of coffee has a unique profile that gives it it’s unique flavor. The Roaster will learn about the different smells used to identify where the coffee is during the roasting process. We’ll show the Roaster how to look at the beans throughout the roast to see how close to finishing the beans are and we’ll identify some of the sounds that indicate the coffee’s phase in the process of roasting coffee.

After we roasting has finished we’ll give them an opportunity to taste their roast’s perfection. After that they’ll get to take a pound bag of their personal roast/blend to enjoy at home and we’ll give them a grind coffee mug to enjoy it in. Now that you’ve had the opportunity to learn to roast you can take your newly acquired expertise home and try out other beans, techniques, and discover the never ending range of flavors found in coffee.


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