Did you know coffee beans only grow in what is dubbed the “Bean Belt”? Coffee plants can be pretty particular and prefer to grow in certain conditions – high altitudes, lots of moisture, plenty of sun – some picky plants if you ask us, but it’s worth it! These thriving coffee climates can be found around the middle of the globe…also known as the Bean Belt!

Bean Belt

This “belt” encompasses three primary coffee growing regions (the Americas, Africa, and Southeast Asia) and includes countries from Papua New Guinea to Ethiopia to yes, even Hawaii (the only U.S. state where coffee is grown).

Much like wine growing regions, beans grown in one region will vary greatly in flavor from those grown in another, making each type of coffee unique to its distinct growing area.

Roast Names

So when you see our roast names you’ll probably notice they start with their country of origin (Tanzania, Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea – you get it) GEOGRAPHY = FLAVOR. This is why we take such care not only in our roasting process but also where our coffee beans get their start!

Great coffee starts at The GRIND…okay well, it probably, actually starts in Costa Rica or someplace tropical, but then when we get our hands on it…great coffee.